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We help companies build mobile-first experiences that create connections

between technology
between humans
between online and offline worlds
"In 2009, they launched their first product with the debut of a mobile platform. Since then, Branding Brand has seen 100 percent year-over-year growth, has been named to the Inc. 500, and is now the top mobile platform provider to the Internet Retailer Top 500."
"Among m-commerce technology providers, Branding Brand has the most clients among the top 1,000 e-retailers. The firm makes launching and changing mobile sites and apps easy and affordable."
Forrester Research
"Branding Brand has quietly become a leading force behind mobile commerce. It enables retailers to deploy mobile commerce sites and apps quickly, and it has significantly improved engagement and conversion rates."
"Branding Brand is a leader in the mobile commerce space who works with large, multi-channel retailers."


Frequently asked questions about Branding Brand.

What's up with your name?
What if I'm not ready to build
something new?
Do you only do mobile?
Do you only work with retailers?
You seem fun. Are you hiring?

What's up with your name?

We know, our name sounds like a marketing firm. Truth is, we started out as one. When Branding Brand was founded in 2008, we did everything from social media campaigns to SEO. A year later, we launched our first mobile-optimized website and quickly evolved into the fastest-growing provider of mobile commerce apps and sites for Internet Retailer Top 500 brands.

This is good news for you! Because our roots are in marketing and retail, not gaming and publishing like most mobile platforms, our development and engagement tools were designed to meet the unique complexities of enterprise commerce from the start. Our products have the brains of a CDO, the soul of a CMO, and the heart of a CXO.

Do you only do mobile?

Although we're known for mobile commerce, it’s not all we do. Unlike e-commerce platforms that started with a desktop-focus then expanded into mobile, Branding Brand does the opposite by applying a mobile-first philosophy to all experiences. Today, many companies come to us for complete "commerce in a box" digital makeovers, which enable thelaunch of a connected suite of web, app, and store products in less than a year.

Do you only work with retailers?

Branding Brand is known for being retail's largest provider of mobile apps and sites; however, our platform and services are used in many industries with enterprise-level needs. To talk about your specific requirements, contact us.


  • Luxury
  • Apparel & Accessories
  • Health & Beauty
  • Sporting Goods
  • Home Furnishings
  • Specialty


  • Medical
  • Parts & Supplies
  • Internal & Associate

Travel & Hospitality

  • Hotels
  • Real Estate
  • Public Transportation
  • Automotive
  • Smart Cities
  • Restaurants


  • Amusement Parks
  • Sports Teams
  • Ticketing & Events

You seem fun. Are you hiring?

We always want to meet good people who are passionate about making mobile magical. In fact, some of our clients liked working with us so much that they joined our team! To see our current openings and learn more about being a Brander, check out theCareers Page.

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