From former CMOs and VPs of e-commerce, to serial entrepreneurs and ex-Googlers, we've assembled an unmatched team of the most innovative and dedicated experts in mobile commerce.

Chris Mason

Chris Mason

Co-founder & CEO

Leader, developer, and serial entrepreneur; Inc. 500 honoree; SxSW speaker; gourmet chef, skydiver, and Carnegie Mellon University graduate.

Joey Rahimi

Joey Rahimi

Co-founder & CIO

Analytics fanatic and optimization expert; Coro mentor; entrepreneurship presenter; dog lover; Carnegie Mellon University graduate.

Christina Koshzow

Christina Koshzow

Co-founder & CMO

Women Innovate Mobile advisor; International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences; advisor; Carnegie Mellon University graduate.

Robert Franklin

Robert Franklin


Former director of e-commerce at Dick’s Sporting Goods; VP, e-commerce, at Ticketmaster; Amazon product manager.

Carl Evankovich

Carl Evankovich


Former e-commerce manager at Google Pittsburgh; senior software engineer at Oracle; Ingress addict; Carnegie Mellon University graduate.

Jared Horowitz

Jared Horowitz


Former director of online retail strategy and mobile initiatives for Steve Madden; proud user of four smartphones.

Nikki Orsborn

Nikki Orsborn

VP of Client Vision

Branding Brand's first hire. Designer, screen printer, gardener-in-training. Lover of exercise, interior design, and spicy foods.

Investors & Board

Branding Brand completed its first round of funding in 2012, followed by a Series B in 2013. Our investors include Insight Venture Partners, Lead Edge Capital, CrunchFund, and eBay Enterprise. In addition to founders Chris Mason, Joey Rahimi, and Christina Koshzow, our board includes Patrick Gallagher, Ryan Hinkle, and Paul Sparta.

Insight Venture PartnersCrunch FundLead Edge CapitaleBay Enterprise

Our Story

How much are those Branders in the window?In 2008, three friends from Carnegie Mellon University set out to change the world of marketing. We found our first client on Craigslist, rented a leaky room for $200, and obsessed over everything from search engine optimization to website design. We called ourselves Branding Brand, because that's what we did. We were the brand that branded, and luckily, we were really good at it.

Back then, everyone was talking about changes in traditional media and advertising. It was the rise of digital, the decline of print, and a world of siloed creative directors, marketers, and developers. So, we blurred the lines and created new opportunities.

Dick's Sporting Goods Mobile SiteIn the fall of 2009, after a year of calls, we landed our dream client and launched our first smartphone-optimized website. That client is still with us today.

It was love at first site. Over the next two years, we narrowed our focus and bootstrapped Branding Brand into the #1 mobile commerce platform in the world.

During this time, a funny thing started to happen. Our clients liked working with us so much that they joined our team. We became friends with retail executives who initially felt untouchable, and they believed in mobile so much that they jumped the fence to become part of a start-up in Pittsburgh, PA.

Sephora loves Branding BrandSomething else happened: our marketing background paid off in big ways. Design, development, and analytics were all in-house, under the same roof. (They still are.) Our appreciation for aesthetics helped retailers trust us with their brand. (They still do.) And, our love of data let us turn mobile commerce into a science.

When we founded Branding Brand, we wanted to be the best; it just took some time to figure out what that meant. Our B2E Platform is the leader in mobile commerce software as a service, but the work is not done. Just as branding is an ongoing process, mobile is evolving every day.

Even though we no longer build social media campaigns or blogs, Branding Brand still helps clients extend into new touchpoints--by arming them with the best mobile site, app, and in-store technology on the market. We are excited to change the way people interact with brands, and we're proud to work with the greatest ones around.

<3 Chris, Christina, & Joey

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