App Deleted After One Use: What Should Brand Do? (Mobile Marketer)

It is not enough to simply launch a mobile application. Brands need to support it with marketing and social efforts to keep consumers engaged after the app is downloaded to their device.

One of the biggest challenges in mobile is application discovery and awareness. However, to succeed in the space, marketers must overcome that.

“You need to support your app with marketing on catalogs and mailings, email announcements, your main site and in-store,” said Chris Mason, co-founder/CEO of Branding Brand, Pittsburgh.

“The best way to avoid deletion is to make sure your app is not worth removing,” he said. “Building an app that truly services loyal customers and automatically updates are the two fundamentals to success.”

Key strategies
Mobile app stores are growing by the minute.

Marketers are rolling out various applications to keep up with tech-savvy consumers.

However, simply launching a mobile app and leaving it to the consumer to find is no longer good enough.

Additionally, many times, consumers download an application, use it once and then delete it.

“There are creative as well as behind-the-scenes best practices,” Mr. Mason said. “From a content standpoint, it is important to offer fresh, value-added material that is unique to the device and its capabilities.

“Things that set routines, like daily reminders, items of the day, or mobile-only offers are great ways to keep people coming back,” he said. “That said, you can have the best idea in the world, but if the app fails on execution, it doesn’t matter.

“When possible, go native. Avoiding Web mashups lets you optimize user interface and experience. In addition, securely saving credentials can improve experience by allowing repeat visitors to skip the hassle of retying information that could have easily been stored at their request. Finally, build in a way that allows you to push updates to your app without constantly submitting it to Apple. Nothing is worse that having to continually download new versions of an app.”

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